Benefits of Our Building Survey

EashaaVaasthu - Grade I Licensed Building Surveyor (LBS) in Coimbatore - being experts in surveys and building condition assessment, we offer detailed and extensive evaluations, due diligence and feasibility study reports, comprehensive sanctions, critical recommendations and many more for all types of structures.

From Residential to Commercial Properties

Be it a commercial complex, high rise luxury hotel, educational institution, retail facility, any special building, multistoried buildings and group developments, any other commercial and residential buildings and structures, we offer a full structural survey for all properties. We provide a comprehensive building survey report that includes the condition of every single component of the particular building and distinguish the shortcomings, their apparent reason, the importunity of reparation, maintenance alternatives and sometimes a few recommendations and suggestions about the possible cost to repair.

Professional Building Survey Services

As a top-notch Licensed Building Surveyor (LBS) in Coimbatore, EashaaVaasthu carry out an inspection of all obvious and approachable/accessible divisions of the commercial/residential property. This inspection also includes roofs, walls, floors, doors, and windows, buildings that are subordinate to and separate from the main building and so forth. We ensure that all the building work is carried out in accordance with approvals and regulations of the Corporation of Coimbatore.

Dependable and Timely Services

Furthermore, our professional surveyors are creditworthy for guaranteeing that buildings are secure or it demands betterment and up-gradation. We offer the best yet cost-effective building surveying services to our clients and customers by ascertaining all the consideration of constructions and provide guidance, recommendations, suggestions, and paper works accordingly. EashaaVaasthu is well recognized for dependable service and well-timed functioning in the region.

Being a professional building surveying organization in Coimbatore that stands out, we always take pride in offering and creating unparalleled services and solutions for our (ever) increasing clients and customers.