Is Building Survey Crucial?

EashaaVaasthu - being a reputed licenced building surveyor in Coimbatore have encountered numerous challenging property deals.

With Experience Comes Perspective!

Thanks to all the ground experiencewe acquired over the years that we recognize every nook and corner when it is about building the survey in Coimbatore. A lot of our apropos property surveys have provided clients and customers with that crucial go-ahead to proceed and complete.

As a matter of fact, we have been a key POINTER in enabling our clients to make sensible decisions while buying residential and commercial properties alike.

Grade I Licenced Building Surveyor (LBS) in the Corporation of Coimbatore

We are a Grade I Licenced Building Surveyor (LBS) in the Corporation of Coimbatore. From elementary boundary surveys to exceedingly elaborated and accurate surveys, EashaaVaasthu has done it all. Our primary objective is to make the experience of property dealings of our clients and customers simple and easy. We work with our clients and customers and stand with them, extend our expertise and ease up the cumbrous and elaborated processes and procedures involved in property dealings in Coimbatore.

You Name It....We Make It Work for You...

In addition, be it house approvals in Coimbatore, apartment approvals in Coimbatore, layout approvals in Coimbatore, building plan approval in Coimbatore, house plan approvals in Coimbatore, residential building approvals in Coimbatore, commercial building approvals in Coimbatore or any Coimbatore corporation approvals - EashaaVaasthu is a one-stop destination for all your property approval needs and demands.

Our Secret Mantra

Our secret is simple - we build and maintain a great rapport with our clients and customers, understand their needs thoroughly, we put our experience into play, we always go the extra mile to deliver. And, we deliver EXCELLENCE.

We Deliver Excellence

We make the best use of up-to-date technologies and we provide the essential documents, drafting, and positions to carry through the prerequisites of the Coimbatore city municipal corporation through online processes as well as direct approach.